Case Studies

  • Fireboy Creative

    Fireboy Creative

    Discover how Fireboy Creative Inc. –  a marketing and advertising studio based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada – implemented a workflow around EasyCatalog to produce over 700 unique pages of newspaper ad material. In addition to improving accuracy, EasyCatalog has helped to slash both production time and cost.

  • Trilanco


    When Trilanco, an Equestrian, Agricultural and Pet wholesaler based in the U.K, decided to bring production of their catalogue in-house, they turned to EasyCatalog to streamline their production process.

  • Trek Bicycle Corporation

    Trek Bicycle Corporation

    EasyCatalog for Adobe InDesign has been used by Trek Bicycle Corporation for the past two years to produce their components and accessories catalogs, saving time, money and reducing errors.

  • Highlite International

    Highlite International

    Find out how Marcel Bahnen and his team used EasyCatalog to produce Highlite International's 576-page product catalog.

  • Farago Design / Barnes & Noble

    Farago Design / Barnes & Noble

    Find out how, in his own words, Peter Farago – Principal of Farago + Partners in New York, built a cost-effective database-publishing system based around EasyCatalog to produce Barnes & Noble Bookstores' Holiday Catalog.

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