Advanced Preferences

The EasyCatalog preference panel provides access to Advanced preferences.

Relaunch InDesign To Apply Any Changes.



  • Multi User Workspace Defines the the default setting when the preferences are rebuilt.
  • Cache Formatted Data  When true, EasyCatalog stores the ‘formatted’ content of a field for quicker data source loading. When it’s false, the formatted content is rebuilt when the data sources is loaded.
  • Default Workspace Folder   This is the default setting applied when the preferences are rebuilt.
  • Lock Workspace Prefs   Prevents users making changes to the general Preferences.


Allows modification of the default settings used for HTTP requests via CURL

Field Markers

  • Image Frame Label The default Frame Label can be replaced with a custom value using commands such as FIELDSTR(FieldX). Has a negative impact of screen drawing.
  • Print Field Markers When true, field markers will print. Use with caution!.
  • Ignore Unknown Fields When enabled: When populating field specifiers, if the field specifier/field is for a field that does not exist in the record being paginated it will be ignored. The field will also be ignored during Adopt Fields.  When disabled: When populating field specifiers, if the field specifier/field is for a field that does not exist in the record being paginated the content of the field will be cleared and the field markers updated to link to the unknown field.


  • Geometry Menu Option Enable or disable menu options relating to the Geometry functionality.


  • Auto Purge Deleted Setting to true will purge any deleted records automatically after each Synchronise with Data Source operation.
  • Mixed Placed Group Error When true, if a group contains a mix of placed and unplaced records, it will be shown in an error state.
  • Update Tabular Field Structure Override the default behaviour of how tabular fields are updated.
  • Live Quick Search Turns off ‘as you type’ searches in the quick search area of the data panel. Return executes the search.
  • Process Custom Fields Of Deleted Process custom fields of deleted records.
  • New Custom Field Appearance Applies a default drawing style to new custom fields.
  • Download Image Previews Downloads a URL based image in order to generate a preview.


  • Enable Sockets Enables LuaSocket library support. Must be enabled for debugging of Lua code.  Can be detrimental to performance.
  • Process Text Content Any text between [[ and ]] is treated as Lua code, executed when the text is updated.
  • Start Marker The start marker used for embedded Lua code.
  • End Marker The end marker used for embedded Lua code.
  • Use Threads Use Lua threads to speed up the execution of advanced custom fields.

URL Image Links

  • Status Poll Delay(Seconds) Control the frequency of checks for URL (Live) Links. Periodic checks are made by InDesign to check if an image has changed size. This delays those request to prevent server overload.


Fore each data provider, defaults can be set that apply to the creation of new data sources.