Advanced Preferences

The EasyCatalog preference panel provides access to Advanced preferences.

Relaunch InDesign To Apply Any Changes.



  • Multi User Workspace Defines the the default setting when the preferences are rebuilt.
  • Cache Formatted Data  When true, EasyCatalog stores the ‘formatted’ content of a field for quicker data source loading. When it’s false, the formatted content is rebuilt when the data sources is loaded.
  • Default Workspace Folder   This is the default setting applied when the preferences are rebuilt.
  • Lock Workspace Prefs   Prevents users making changes to the general Preferences.


Allows modification of the default settings used for HTTP requests via CURL

Field Markers

  • Image Frame Label The default Frame Label can be replaced with a custom value using commands such as FIELDSTR(FieldX). Has a negative impact of screen drawing.
  • Print Field Markers When true, field markers will print. Use with caution!


  • Geometry Menu Option Enable or disable menu options relating to the Geometry functionality.


  • Auto Purge Deleted Setting to true will purge any deleted records automatically after each Synchronise with Data Source operation.
  • Mixed Placed Group Error When true, if a group contains a mix of placed and unplaced records, it will be shown in an error state.
  • Update Tabular Field Structure Override the default behaviour of how tabular fields are updated.


  • Enable Sockets Enables LuaSocket library support. Must be enabled for debugging of Lua code.  Can be detrimental to performance.
  • Process Text Content Any text between [[ and ]] is treated as Lua code, executed when the text is updated.


Fore each data provider, defaults can be set that apply to the creation of new data sources.