Can EasyCatalog produce barcodes?

EasyCatalog supports EAN13 and EAN8 barcodes through the use of a free barcode font. EasyCatalog that can take the 7/8 or 12/13 character EAN code and convert it into the necessary glyphs for the font, using a custom field:

  • Right click in the centre of the panel
  • Use the “New Custom Field” menu option
  • Give the new field a name at the top of the dialog that appears
  • In the ‘Contents’ area, enter
  • EAN13 barcodes:

    EAN8 barcodes:

    (replace ‘myfieldnamehere’ with the name of the field that contains the EAN8 or EAN13 code)

  • OK the dialog

Your EasyCatalog panel should now contain a new field: insert this field into the document and apply the EanBwrP36Tt font, which can be downloaded from here.