How do I change the key field used and relink the fields in my document?

Occasionally it is necessary to change the key field configuration used in your data source: if, for example, the wrong key field was chosen when the data source was originally created. Fields in the document are linked by key field value, so changing the key field can break the links in your documents. However, there is a keyboard shortcut that can be used to update the links in your document:

  • Go to Edit > Keyboard Shortscuts
  • Select ‘EasyCatalog’ as the Product Area
  • Assign a keyboard shortcut to the “Change Document Keys” operation
  • Load your datasource, defining the new field(s) as the key field(s).  The data source you load must also contain the field that was originally defined as the key field.
  • Open your document
  • Press the keyboard shortcut
  • A dialog should appear asking for the name of the old key field — enter the field that you were previously using as the key field
  • OK the dialog