Connecting to Perfion

EasyCatalog provides a direct connection to Perfion without the need to export data files. With the Enterprise Data Provider installed, the script which handles the connection can be installed from the File->New->EasyCatalog Panel->Manage Enterprise Data Providers… menu.

After selecting this you should see Perfion API listed as one of the installable scripts. Select it and press the Install button. This downloads and copies the script to the EasyCatalog workspace folder.

Now on the File->New->EasyCatalog Panel menu you should see a New Perfion API option.

Selecting this presents:

Name should be unique name for the data you want to extract.
The other options specify the credentials to allow you to connect, either using a Permanent Token or User and Password. These should be obtained from a system adminstrator.

Search Id is a number that relates to a Perfion predefined query.

Catalog Feature identifies the level at which records will be created in EasyCatalog, typically catalog_id

If the credentials are correcting, hitting OK will execute a query and return a set of records into a new data panel.