Containers – Fields With Multiple Values


Requires the Pagination Module.

Sample Data

A sample workspace and document is provided for reference. Import the data source using the File->New->EasyCatalog Panel->Import Data Source… menu option.  The data contains two fields shown below:

Multiple Field Values Sample

boys namesgirls names
Liam,Noah, Oliver, Elijah, James, William, Benjamin, Lucas, Henry, TheodoreOlivia,Emma,Charlotte,Amelia, Ava,Sophia,Isabella,Mia,Evelyn,Harper
Hadrian,Stewart, Hank, Melvin, Bill, Graham, Stuart, DaleKatharine, Kristen, Catriona, Donna, Jordan, Lorraine, Rhian, Suzanne

Each field has values separated with a comma. EasyCatalog requires them to be delimited with a carriage return, so cleansing has been applied to the sample.


Fields of this type should be flagged as Contain Multiple Values via the Advanced field options (Image fields are automatically treated this way). When populating a Container, the maximum number of  values is found. During container population EasyCatalog then duplicates the original record, creating records for each set of field values. Formatting Rules can be assigned to be populated:

Once Per Record

The Formatting Rule will be populated with all duplicated records.

Once Per Field Value

The Formatting Rules is populated once for each duplicated record.


Both cases as shown in this sample. The first (Once Per Field Value) is repeated for each set of values, while the second(Once Per Record) populates a table with all values:

When number of values in the fields used varies, any missing values are left blank.