What is a Custom Field?

A Custom Field is a field the exists in your EasyCatalog panel but not in the source data.  A custom field can be populated using one of our inbuilt functions, and are often used to manipulate the source data into a form more suitable for appearance on the page or to summarize group data.

To create a Custom Field:

  • Right click in the centre of the panel
  • Use the “New Custom Field” menu option on the pop-up menu that appears
  • Give the field a name at the top of the dialog that appears
  • On the “Custom Field” pane, a list of the available custom field commands can be found on the “Reference” pop-up at the top of the dialog.  The (i) button on the dialog can be used to display a web page containing the custom field reference guide.

Custom Fields can be set to update:

  • Automatically: the content of the custom field will be kept up-to-date at all times
  • Manually: to update the field, right click on the field in the panel and use the “Update Custom Field” menu option
  • Only After Synchronize: the content of the field will only be updated following a “Synchronize with Data Source” operation.