Custom Image Import

For images that are sourced externally but are not URL or File based, the “Custom” option can be chosen in the picture location section of the field options.

When this is set, EasyCatalog looks for a file called ‘CustomImageImport.jsx’ in the ‘Scripts’ folder of a data source. Here’s a simple example that displays the field name and content, then imports an image:

To report an error set the errorID and errorMessage:

Error Checking and Updating

When an image is placed, the contents of the ‘Location’ are evaluated and stored on the image frame. When checking for errors and updating, EasyCatalog compares the stored value against the latest version of this data. For example, if the data contains a filename, the location command would be something like FIELDSTR(Field Name). In summary there must be some indicator in the data that the image needs refreshing.