Custom Reports

The custom report option allows provides a mechanism to inspect data source or document related information and output it in virtually any format.   LuaSocket support is enabled for custom reports, which can be exported in a variety of ways, such as files, posted via HTTP or shown in a browser.

The pencil icon provides access to a number of simple examples. The Test button executes the code. If any TABLE objects are presented back from the script they will be shown in the area at the bottom.

Once a report has been written it can be saved under a unique name to the “Report Menu” or recalled from the menu for editing.

Inspecting Document Links

The script is passed a document object if a document is open, representing a Lua DOCUMENT object. So to access all the links in the current document, it’s a case of using the getlinks call which returns a table of links:


Inspecting The Panel Selection

A selection variable is passed into the script containing details of the selection. Here’s an example script the expects a single selected record and then opens a URL built from its field content: