Customizing the EasyCatalog Panel Flyout Menu

User-interface elements of EasyCatalog can be suppressed (disabled) or hidden using a “SuppressedUI.xml” file in the root of the EasyCatalog workspace folder. The XML file must be well-formed, with a single SuppressedUI element at the root.

The root element can contain any number of SuppressedMenu and SuppressedAction elements. SuppressedMenu elements have a menuName attribute, which specifies the EasyCatalog menu name. You can look up the EasyCatalog menu names in the table below. The restrictionName attribute can have a value of disable or hide.

SuppressedAction elements are used to disable or hide menu commands. The actionID attribute is the decimal value of the EasyCatalog command; these can be found in the table attached. The restrictionName attribute can have a value of disable or hide.

Here is an example Suppressed.xml file that hides the Reports menu and the Update Furniture command.

NOTE: The uiName attribute is not required, but helps you document which commands and menus you are restricting.

When you add a Suppressed.xml file to the EasyCatalog workspace folder, or edit an existing file, you must quit and restart InDesign before you will see the changes to the menus or commands. If your file is not well-formed or does not have the correct root element, you will see an error message when you start InDesign.

Menu actionID or menuName
Close Panel 576517
New Panel 576565
Lock Panel 576582
Configuration (menu) 0x53500kECPopupMenuNameKey:0x53500kECPresetsMenuName
Configuration > Save As 576728
Configuration > Delete 576724
Configuration > Import 576740
Configuration > Export 576741
Group 576595
Ungroup 576597
Reports (menu) 0x53500kECPopupMenuNameKey:0x53500kECReportsMenuName
Reports > Data Source 576731
Reports > Panel 576732
Reports > Document 576733
Paginate 893191
Update Furniture 893187
Synchronize With Data Source 576519
Synchronize With Document 576568
Update Data Source 1026052
Update Document (menu) 0x53500kECPopupMenuNameKey:0x53500kECUpdateDocumentSubMenuName
Update Document > All 576570
Update Document > Selection 576574
Update Document > With Panel Selection 576571
Update Panel (menu) 0x53500kECPopupMenuNameKey:0x53500kECUpdatePanelSubMenuName
Update Panel > All 576575
Update Panel > Selection 576576
Update Panel > With Document Selection 576580
Update Panel > With Page Numbers 576596
Update Panel > With Page Positions 1338377
Remove Selection 576593
Show All 576521
Show Subset 576520
Saved Subsets (menu) 0x53500kECPopupMenuNameKey:0x53500kECSavedSubsetMenuName
Advanced 576561
Show/Hide Fields (menu) 0x53500kECPopupMenuNameKey:0x53500kECTableFieldsMenuName
Field Options (menu) 0x53500kECPopupMenuNameKey:0x53500kECTableFormatMenuName
Field Formatting Tags 576706
Field Specifiers (menu) 0x53500kECPopupMenuNameKey:0x53500kECTagsMenuName
Convert To Field Specifiers 576703
Table (menu) 0x53500kECPopupMenuNameKey:0x53500kECTableMenuKey
Table > Table Options 576759
Table > Row Options 576697
Table > Cell Options 576698
Table > Column Options 576699
Show/Hide Field Markers 576559
Remove Field Markers (menu) 0x53500kECPopupMenuNameKey:0x53500kECRemoveMarkersMenuNameKey
Remove Field Markers > All 576700
Remove Field Markers > From Panel Selection 576701
Remove Field Markers > From Document Selection 576702
Replace Fields 576695
Adopt Fields (menu) 0x53500kECPopupMenuNameKey:0x53500kECAdoptFieldsMenuName
Adopt Fields > All 576761
Adopt Fields > Current Layer 576762
Scan For Geometry 576578
Delete Geometry 576579
Search For Content 576601
About EasyCatalog 576515