EasyCatalog 18.0.1 Release Notes


EasyCatalog 18.0.1


The following enhancements have been made to EasyCatalog and are available in the latest release on our web site. Maintenance customers can receive a version of EasyCatalog containing these modifications for an earlier version of InDesign by contacting us via the web site. Please be aware though that its not always possible to include all new features in previous versions.

EasyCatalog – File Data Provider

3211Upgraded Excel library for better compatibility with newer Excel documents.

Bug Fixes

The following bugs have been fixed in this release of EasyCatalog. For clarity, the bug reports listed below show the original problem as reported. It is often not possible to detail the fix for each issue as they involve internal changes to EasyCatalog. Note that some bugs listed here refer to issues that were encountered with new features in the beta version by our beta testers and are included here for completeness.

ODBC Data Provider

3210macOS only: Fixed compatibility with macOS Ventura 13.3 update
After upgrading to macOS X Ventura 13.3, the ODBC Data Provider will no longer be able to connect to the database, reporting a message such as ‘Driver’s SQLAllocEnv() failed’.  This is due to a change to security permissions in macOS, and should now be fixed in the 18.0.1 version of EasyCatalog for Adobe InDesign 2023.  This new version can be downloaded from our downloads page, and existing 2023 license codes can be used to activate it.Many thanks to Jonathan Monroe at Actual Technologies for his assistance with fixing this issue.