EasyCatalog 18.0.0 Release Notes


EasyCatalog 18.0.0


The following enhancements have been made to EasyCatalog and are available in the latest release on our web site. Maintenance customers can receive a version of EasyCatalog containing these modifications for an earlier version of InDesign by contacting us via the web site. Please be aware though that its not always possible to include all new features in previous versions.


3118Redesigned Table > Cell options dialog2022-09-22
3119Added option to distribute rows/columns evenly after merging cells (Table > Cell Options dialog)2022-09-22
3116Barcode Modifications2022-09-09
* Barcodes are no longer created as .EPS files which are then imported into the document
* Added support for outputting human-readable text along with the barcode. In Field Options > Format > Barcode there is a new pop-up to allow the user to select a Paragraph Style that will be applied to the text. The point size of the font specified by this style will determine the heigh of the text boxes output. NOTE: The barcode will be generated at the size of the box it’s being inserted into: the picture options, such as scaling, alignment, etc, no longer apply. Users can go back to EPS barcodes by setting the “Output Barcodes as EPS” advanced preference.
3095Added “QR Code” to the list if available barcode types in Field Options2022-08-11
This will generate a text or hyperlink QR code
3089Added link to “Replace Fields” wiki on Replace Fields… dialog2022-08-08
3085Added extra parameter to TRANSLATELANGUAGE() and translatefield() to specify which translation service to use2022-07-28
Custom field command TRANSLATELANGUAGE() and LUA method translatefield() now take an optional last parameter to specify which service to use, either ‘DeepL’ or ‘Google’
3083Add support for Google Translation2022-07-26
Add support for Google Text Basic Translation.
3080Added (i) button to “Hyperlinks” and “Date/Time” field options to show available format options2022-07-25
3082(i) button on Custom Adoption dialog now links to Knowledgebase article on custom adoption2022-07-25
3079Modification to “About” dialog to make it clearer that the last part of the serial number is no longer displayed2022-07-22
3076Added “Show Subset” and “Show All” keyboard shortcuts2022-07-07
These shortcuts will affect the last data panel the user interacted with.
3074Enhancements to activation dialog to include “Help…” button and localised error messages2022-07-06

EasyCatalog > Custom Field Commands

3097Added three new custom field commands to enable user to generate different QR code types2022-08-12
Added the following custom field commands:
– QRCODEENCODEEMAIL – QRCODEENCODESMS – QRCODEENCODEVCARD These command return a string which, when output as a QR Code barcode will generate either an email, SMS or VCard QR Code. Hyperlink and text QR codes do not need a custom field command as they can be encoded to a QR code without modification.

EasyCatalog – File Data Provider

3086Updated Excel import library to improve compatibility with later Excel file formats2022-07-28

EasyCatalog – Scripting Module

3115DSV exportConfiguration now takes a configuration name or a File object2022-09-07
3109app.selection[0].ecLinks now returns links when inside part of tag2022-08-30
3103Field group names can now be specified for the ‘search for’ and ‘replace with’ parameters to ‘replaceFields’ on data source object2022-08-22
3102UpdatePageNumbers on the Datasource script object now obtains the correct default value for clearing out field content2022-08-17
3094Added support to scripting execution via a Lua script on a tabular field.2022-08-11
arguments[0] is the cell script object, e.g:

table:cell(2,1):setextendscript(“arguments[0].topLeftDiagonalLine=true;arguments[0].topRightDiagonalLine=true;arguments[0].diagonalLineStrokeColor=’Red'”); table:cell(3,1):setextendscript(“arguments[0].topLeftDiagonalLine=true”);

Bug Fixes

The following bugs have been fixed in this release of EasyCatalog. For clarity, the bug reports listed below show the original problem as reported. It is often not possible to detail the fix for each issue as they involve internal changes to EasyCatalog. Note that some bugs listed here refer to issues that were encountered with new features in the beta version by our beta testers and are included here for completeness.


3127Matrix table headers sometimes merge incorrectly2022-10-04
3128Populating an HTML table causes crash when attempting to merge a single cell2022-10-04
3125Tables not recomposing correctly after populating an anchored object2022-10-03
Tables do not always recompose correctly after populating an anchored object.
Specifically, table row heights do not always adjust to accommodate the new height of the anchored object.
3126Crash on quit2022-10-03
InDesign will sometimes crash when quitting
3124Double-click/Go To Field doesn’t cycle through text AND image fields if a field is used to place both in the document2022-09-29
3122Tabular fields not displaying correctly2022-09-27
Tabular fields not displaying correctly:
– Sometimes the top row is not shown when the panel is scrolled – Missing dividing lines between cells
3113Fixed crashing and rendering issue when horizontal tabular field spans were used2022-09-06
3114Record Viewer now shows visible representation of CR,LF and TAB like in the main data panel.2022-09-06
3112Combined Data Sources were assigning and invalid field type to the “datasource” field.2022-09-02
3108Record Viewer now scrolls vertically to show the field when ‘Selection’ is enabled.2022-08-24
3107Some lines in the panel drawing in incorrect colour when using light UI scheme2022-08-23
3099Fix for some servers responding with a ‘Forbidden’ error code when requesting file size and modification date when importing a URL(Live) image2022-08-16
3100UR(Live)-based image links are set to ‘inaccessible’ if image metadata cannot be retrieved2022-08-16
3098Field specified column widths not being applied to matrix tables2022-08-15
3096Tabular Fields would not be inserted when all rows had cells flagged as header cells2022-08-12
3093Horizontal table population doesn’t always populated merged rows2022-08-11
3092Custom image import script cannot be used by fields specified in the Replace Fields dialog2022-08-10
User will receive a ‘cannot perform this operation because a modal dialog is open’ error message.
3090Panel sorts by wrong fields if the order of the fields changes during a Synchronize with Data Source operation2022-08-09
3091Location path should be visible in Field Options for “Custom” import types2022-08-09
3088Images are downloading one at a time, rather than multiple simultaneously2022-08-02
3087“When Fields are Empty” table row option will now delete rows that are completely empty2022-07-29
3070Modification to page hyperlink insertion to ensure pages are found consistency in conjunction with “Update Panel > With Page Numbers”2022-07-01
3067Some of the anchor points used with Frame to Content (Width and Height) cause the box to move2022-06-29
3066Keep With Next Pagination Rule being applied before the paragraph style2022-06-24
This can cause the paragraph style’s “Keep With Next” attribute to override what’s set in the Pagination Rules.
Three options are available on the “Keep With Next” Pagination Rule: ‘yes’, ‘no’ and ‘Unspecified’ (which should be used to defer to the Paragraph style).
3063Table options dialog doesn’t allow a minimum width greater than 600pt2022-06-17

EasyCatalog > Custom Field Commands

3120XREFFIELD retrieves values from records that are marked as deleted2022-09-26
Records that are marked as deleted should not return a result to the XREFFIELD command.
3121Synchronize with Data Source is purging deleted records from dependent data sources2022-09-26
Synchronize with Data Source is purging deleted records from dependent data sources – e.g. data sources referenced by the XREFFIELD command.

EasyCatalog > Combined Data Sources

3072“Field Not Found” error when comparing with a value rather than another field’s value2022-07-04
3073Improved error reporting on ‘field not found’ to show the field name that could not be found2022-07-04

EasyCatalog – LUA Commands

3081Memory leak2022-07-25
Potential leak of memory when using LUA scripts: there is the potential for leaking a data source and also cached, compiled, LUA command strings would leak

EasyCatalog – Pagination Module

3077Fixed crashing issue with nested delete actions2022-07-20
3071Protective shutdown when using “Paginate…” to paginate an index into a document stored in an InDesign book2022-07-04

EasyCatalog – Pagination Module > Flow-based

3064Crash when paginating Formatting Rules that delete boxes (which then changes the top level box)2022-06-22

EasyCatalog – Pagination Module > Formatting Rules

3068No error message if inserting a tabular field using a table from a Formatting Rule that doesn’t exist2022-06-29
3069No error message if populating a tablar field using a table from a Formatting Rule that does not contain a table2022-06-29

EasyCatalog – Pagination Module > Guide-based

3101“Include in Collision Detection” attribute being ignored for boxes already on the page before pagination starts2022-08-17

EasyCatalog – Relational Module

3123Panel drawing with incorrect cell border colours when using light UI2022-09-28
3075Crash when using “Show All” menu option on Relational Panel2022-07-07

EasyCatalog – Scripting Module

3078datasource.setOption may cause “Datasource.xml” to be written out in an incomplete state2022-07-22