Beta Features

Custom Formatting Of Numeric Values

A custom format allows the specification of how numeric values are formatted, for example:

Where the data contains values of a different types, each can be formatted independently. Take fields containing:

Each type has an identifier used to pick the correct formatting options. This contains a regular expression. When matched to the data, …

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Placing fields inside tabular fields

Tabular field cells normally contain text, which has limited formatting.  To overcome this fields can be assigned to individual cells:

For group tabular fields, the tableof method returns a table with fields automatically assigned. Take this data for example:

In this example, we’ll create a custom field to collect all the Images for each …

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Grouped Tabular Fields

  Grouped tabular fields allows the collation of records sharing common properties. Take this data for example: To create a custom field that collates records sharing the same PRICE, the following is configured: A simple script is used to pick out the ID column:

  Notice the Group Path: has been configured with the …

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Formatting Rule Fields

The Formatting Rule field type enables a field to create content based on a stored Formatting Rule: When the field is inserted, the named rule is populated and inserted between text markers without any tags (tags within tags are not allowed). When Repeat For Each Line is enabled, the rule will be populated once for …

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Replacing Delimited Field Names With Field Content

The example below replaces field names delimited between { and } with the field content. E.g: “This is a field with another field {name} inside” The replaces “name” with the contents of field called “name”.


Generate InDesign Based QR Codes

Introduction The contents of a field can be output as a QR Code using InDesign’s QR Code functionality. EasyCatalog includes support for all of the QR Code types supported by InDesign, although some types require the use of a custom field to provide the content of the QR Code. As of version 18, EasyCatalog includes …

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