Enterprise Data Provider

Creating an Enterprise Data Provider Script For JSON data

JSON itself is a data interchange format that represents structured data as a collection of key-value pairs. It doesn’t inherently have the concept of records and field sets like you might find in a database. However, you can transform JSON data into a structure that EasyCatalog can import via a simple script. You essentially break […]

Creating Custom JSON Data Providers

The JSON File Sample Data Provider illustrates how to select and parse a typical JSON file and load a set of records and fields into EasyCatalog. The sample file can be downloaded here: JSON Sample File


Connecting to Perfion

EasyCatalog provides a direct connection to Perfion without the need to export data files. With the Enterprise Data Provider installed, the script which handles the connection can be installed from the File->New->EasyCatalog Panel->Manage Enterprise Data Providers… menu. After selecting this you should see Perfion API listed as one of the installable scripts. Select it and […]

Managing Enterprise Data Provider

EasyCatalog allows access to third party systems, such as PIM or DAM systems, via Custom Data Providers.  The Enterprise Data Provider allows these scripts to installed, updated or removed using the “File->EasyCatalog->Manage Enterprise Data Providers…” menu option. Publicly available scripts are hosted by us in a central location. To download and install a provider, click […]

Support for Custom Salsify Channels

For custom channels, EasyCatalog allows the creation of scripts that take channel data and turn into a record set which EasyCatalog can load.  Scripts are written in Lua. They take raw channel JSON and return a RECORDSET object. The name of the file should match the name of the channel, with a.lua extension. Scripts should […]

Custom Data Providers

Overview Through optional modules EasyCatalog provides a number of data providers (ODBC, XML, Excel, CSV, Sqlite).  The Enterprise Data Provider also provides additional connections to a number of third party systems.  For connections to other systems, such as JSON or REST APIs, the Enterprise Data Provider enables the ability to create custom data providers. Creating […]

EasyCatalog Server and Salsify

The Enterprise Data Provider supports direct connections to a Salsify Data Sources.  The normal login procedure uses OAuth based authentication, which uses a browser to login to Salsify. InDesign Server does not allow user interaction, so an alternative method method is supported where a static ‘access token‘ can be used as part of the data source […]