Whats new in 2022

Here’s a list of the major new features in the 2022 compared to the 2021 version of EasyCatalog: Storage of Formatting Rules Formatting Rules can be stored externally in a Folder based structure within the EasyCatalog Workspace folder. URL Image Links Image size and modification date are now requested when “Download Latest” menu option is …

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What’s New In 2021

Here’s a list of the major new features in the 2021 compared to the 2020 version of EasyCatalog: Combined Data Sources Combined Data Sources in EasyCatalog allow you to combine data from separate data sources into a single panel. By specifying a series of simple rules that determine how data from one data source relates …

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What’s New In 2020

Here’s a list of the major new features in the 2020 version of EasyCatalog: Live URL Links Enables the direct link of URL based images within an InDesign 2020 document. If the original image changes size, the link can be refreshed to ensure the InDesign document includes the latest version. This is available as the …

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How Does Licensing Work with Creative Cloud Versions?

When purchasing a license for EasyCatalog you’re purchasing for a specific version of InDesign — e.g. InDesign CC 2018, InDesign CC 2019. With all new licenses you receive twelve months complimentary maintenance; if purchasing an upgrade you receive six months complimentary maintenance. So, if Adobe release another version during this maintenance period the upgrade will …

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EasyCatalog in Japanese

We have localised EasyCatalog into Japanese. This is included in the standard version which can be downloaded from our Website. For local support please contact or reseller:

How do a get an invoice?

For purchases made via our Webstore you can reprint the original invoice via our After-Purchase Services site 24 hours a day at Just log on using the email address from the order and the order ID, and the option to print the invoice will appear on the next page after logging on.

EasyCatalog Product Activation

EasyCatalog uses online product activation to validate the serial numbers you have purchased. To activate EasyCatalog: Launch Adobe InDesign If you have unregistered modules, the “About EasyCatalog” dialog will automatically appear once InDesign has finished launching. For each of the serial numbers you received in your order confirmation email: Click the “Activate” button at the …

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Removing EasyCatalog’s License File

Occasionally it may be necessary to remove EasyCatalog’s licensing information from your installation.  Once complete, EasyCatalog will need to be re-activated on this machine. EasyCatalog stores your license information in one or both of the following locations: Macintosh Inside of the InDesign Package Quit InDesign Right click on the InDesign application icon and use the …

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I’ve just updated my Mavericks and am receiving a -2003 error when I try to activate

The latest Mavericks update has changed some system file permissions that can sometimes cause a -2003 error when activating the software. This affects the Macintosh version of EasyCatalog only, and the latest version that is now available from our downloads page should fix this issue. After installation re-enter your existing license codes to activate.

Registering the InDesign Server version of EasyCatalog

All versions To register a license, call the register method on the easycatalogObject:

InDesign Server 2020, or for serial numbers ending ‘-0000’: EasyCatalog will now check with our activation server to ensure that the license can be installed. For the majority of users, activation will be automatic.  For users with a firewall or proxy …

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