ODBC Data Provider

Adding user defined parameters to an ODBC data source

ODBC data sources normally use a hard-coded query to retrieve data.  However, EasyCatalog allows elements of the query to be user definable or ‘parameter’ based.  These parameters are shown on the ‘info’ dialog box, accessible from the binocular icon on the data panel.  Any changes made are applied the next time the data is synchronized. Parameters are […]

Is there any way to work with smaller sets of ODBC-based data?

ODBC Data Sources can be configured to accept parameters which are included as part of the data-retrieval SQL. Parameters should be placed in {{ braces }} for example: SELECT * FROM customers WHERE name LIKE ‘%{{Name}}%’ LIMIT {{No Of Records}} This will create two parameters that user can change: “Name” and “No Of Records”.  Up […]