Sales FAQs

EasyCatalog in Japanese

We have localised EasyCatalog into Japanese. This is included in the standard version which can be downloaded from our Website. For local support please contact or reseller:

How do a get an invoice?

For purchases made via our Webstore you can reprint the original invoice via our After-Purchase Services site 24 hours a day at Just log on using the email address from the order and the order ID, and the option to print the invoice will appear on the next page after logging on.

How much does support cost and how does it work?

All our support is free. You’re free to call us, although we prefer email as that gives us something to refer to if we need to support you in future, or if the person you’ve originally been working with isn’t available. If you have a specific project in mind for EasyCatalog, feel free to send […]

Is EasyCatalog available for InDesign Server?

Yes, a version of EasyCatalog is available for InDesign Server.  It’s a version of EasyCatalog without a user interface, so a script is used to drive EasyCatalog.  When using EasyCatalog for Server, it’s typical to have least one desktop license as this is required to edit templates, libraries, etc. Multi-instance servers are also supported, data sources […]

Why have I been charged VAT for an online purchase?

Your order was actually placed with our e-commerce provider who is based in the United States but registered for VAT within the EU (you should see that they have an ‘EU’ VAT ID shown at the bottom of the invoice). This is a special type of VAT registration that means they must charge VAT at […]

What is your EU VAT ID for purchases made on the Webstore?

When purchasing through the web store, you actually purchase from an American company called ‘eSellerate’. eSellerate are a US-based company who are registered for VAT in the EU, and their VAT ID is shown on the bottom of your order confirmation with an ‘IE’ prefix. Business customers should enter their EU VAT ID during the […]