EasyCatalog Product Activation

EasyCatalog uses online product activation to validate the serial numbers you have purchased.

To activate EasyCatalog:

  • Launch Adobe InDesign
  • If you have unregistered modules, the “About EasyCatalog” dialog will automatically appear once InDesign has finished launching.

For each of the serial numbers you received in your order confirmation email:

  • Click the “Activate” button at the bottom left of the dialog
  • Copy and paste the serial number from the order confirmation email into the dialog that appears and press OK

EasyCatalog will now check with our activation server to ensure that the license can be installed. For the majority of users, activation will be automatic and the dialog will close.

For users with a firewall or proxy server installed, ensure the machine can connect to https://www.65bit.co.uk, port 443. Where this is not possible, the ‘Offline License Activation‘ dialog will appear:

On this dialog

  • Enter all of the serial numbers you purchased (any that you didn’t purchase can be left empty).
  • Press the “Save…” button in “Step 2”.
  • Email the file that was saved to ‘support@65bit.com.  We will then process this file and send a replacement file back to you. While you wait for this new file you can ‘OK’ the dialog to continue using InDesign.  You can continue to use EasyCatalog in trial mode if you have time remaining in your evaluation period.

The file that you send to us is processed during office hours, and we will email you a new file that can be loaded using the “Load….” button on the “Offline License Activation” dialog.  To show this dialog, hold the Shift key while pressing the “Activate” button on the “About EasyCatalog” dialog.