EasyCatalog can insert hyperlinks into your document, which will then appear when exported as an interactive PDF.

To insert a field as a hyperlink, change its type to be “Hyperlink” in the Field Options dialog.

The dialog is split into two parts: the top part determines what will appear in the document; the bottom part specifies the destination the user will be sent to when clicking on the hyperlink. Custom field commands can be used in the “Text” and “URL” fields to retrieve content from other fields or dynamically build the URL.

In this example, when this field is inserted into the document, the text “Click Here” will appear which will be hyperlinked to the location specified in the “Product URL” field. When inserting an image field, the “Text” field will be ignored.

Hyperlinking to another page

EasyCatalog can insert hyperlinks that link to other pages in the document or, if the document is stored in an InDesign Book, to pages in other documents in the book.

The most common usage of this to produce contents or index pages that link to the actual page in the document when the user clicks on an entry. The first step is to update your panel so that each record knows which page it is placed on.  Further information on how to achieve this can be found in the Knowledge Base article ‘Creating an index’.

A special URI scheme is used to instruct EasyCatalog to hyperlink to another page: the prefix “ECPAGE://’ is used:


The page you’re hyperlinking to must either be:

  • in the same document as the field you’re inserting
  • in the same InDesign book as the document you’re inserting into. Therefore, the document must be added to the InDesign book prior to inserting the hyperlink.


An InDesign bookmark can also be created when inserting a field by prefixing the contents of the URL field with ‘BOOKMARK’:

In the above example, the contents of the ‘My Field’ field will be inserted into the document, setting a bookmark using the contents of the ‘My Bookmark Field’.

NOTE: Bookmark hyperlinks are only supported when inserting text fields into the document, as InDesign does not support inserting a bookmark for images.