Moving EasyCatalog to a new machine

Moving EasyCatalog to a new machine involves two steps: moving the configuration of your data sources and your licenses.


Your EasyCatalog data sources are stored in your EasyCatalog Workspace folder.  The workspace folder contains configuration information about each of the data sources, but by default it does not contain information about how each panel is presented (i.e. grouping, sorting options, etc).  If you need to transfer these settings, either:

  • export a configuration file from your data panel using the Configuration > Export menu. Exported configurations can be imported to your new machine using the Configuration > Import menu option


  • press the (i) button at the bottom of your data panel followed by the “Save As Default” option to save the panel’s configuration as the default for its data source.

To transfer your workspace folder to another machine:

  • Launch InDesign
  • Go to EasyCatlog’s preferences. On Windows these can be found on the Edit > Preferences > EasyCatalog menu; on Macintosh they are on the InDesign > Preferences > EasyCatalog menu.
  • Press the ‘Reveal‘ button next to the “EasyCatalog Workspace” folder option.

The folder that is now highlighted in Windows Explorer or Macintosh Finder is your workspace folder, which you should now copy to your new machine.  The location of the workspace folder on your new machine can be found in EasyCatalog’s preferences as above.


To transfer your EasyCatalog license to a new machine:

  • Launch InDesign.
  • Select the “About EasyCatalog” menu.  On Windows this can be found on the Help menu; on Macintosh it is on the InDesign application menu.
  • Press the “Deactivate” button on the “About EasyCatalog” dialog.
  • Your EasyCatalog licenses will now be deactivated on our activation server.

NOTE: Once you have deactivated EasyCatalog you will need to wait around 10 minutes before attempting to re-activate your license on your new machine.

If, after waiting 10 minutes, your license will not activate on your new machine please contact us using the support form on our web site for further assistance.