ODBC Driver architecture mismatch

InDesign CC installs as a 32bit and 64bit version on Windows, so a 32 or 64bit ODBC data source needs to be used depending on which architecture is being used. It is not possible to use a data source configured with a 32bit data source with a 64bit application and it is also not possible to use a 64bit data source with a 32bit application.

If InDesign CC is being run on a Macintosh a 64 bit data source will need to be used as a 32bit version of the application is not available.

It is also possible to get this error in earlier versions of InDesign if a 64bit data source is being used, as all versions before InDesign CC apart from InDesign CS6 Server are 32bit applications.

Error 1 - EasyCatalog ODBC Data Provider
Error 2 - EasyCatalog ODBC Data Provider