Pages cannot be automatically inserted because you are not paginating into a master text frame

Error 1 - EasyCatalog Pagination Module

This error is displayed when you are not paginating into a master text frame: that is, a text frame that has been overridden from one of your master pages. This is a requirement with “Into Text Flow” pagination as EasyCatalog needs to thread in new text frames when pages are inserted.

To correct this issue:

  • On your master page, create a text frame that will be used to paginate in to
  • If your master spread contains multiple pages, ensure that the text frames are threaded together across the spread
  • Go to the first page in the document that you want to paginate into
  • Override the master text frame by holding down CMD + SHIFT (Macintosh) or CTRL + SHIFT (Windows) and clicking in the text frame a few times.

You should now have a flashing text insertion point in the overridden text frame, which you can now paginate in to.