Why is my pagination slow?

Pagination can become slow for many reasons, one of the most common reasons is that data panels have not been closed properly but hidden. To check this navigate to ‘Window > EasyCatalog Panels’, this will show a list of data panels that are currently open. Select ‘Close All’ to close all open panels or reset the InDesign preferences (see Resetting your InDesign preferences for details on how to do this).

Large documents also cause slow pagination, especially if a 32bit InDesign application is being used (All versions below Adobe CC (9.x) apart from InDesign CS6 Server are 32bit). InDesign 32bit can only utilize up to 4GB of memory whereas InDesign CC 64bit can utilize well over 100GB of memory. The pagination can be broken down into sections, split into separate documents and combined together in an InDesign Book. The Scripting Module is able to automate this process with the use of JavaScript, Applescript or Visual Basic, creating a more efficient workflow.

Large amounts of Actions can have an effect on the speed of a pagination, for example if a library item has fifteen actions EasyCatalog would need to evaluate all fifteen of these actions before it places the item on the page.