Populate a table with multiple rows per record

When EasyCatalog sees a table in a Product Style, by default it will insert one row per record — but sometimes multiple rows may need to be paginated using information from a single record in the data.

InDesign CC 2014+

Select a cell in the table and use the Table > Table Options menu option from the data panel’s pop-out menu. On the dialog that appears, change the ‘Expand‘ option to be ‘No Expansion‘.

Previous versions

Insert an extra column at the right-hand side of the table, then merge (vertically) all of the cells in the new column together (so the new column spans all of the rows that need to kept together). Row strokes and fills can then be altered to make this new column invisible in the document. When populating the table, EasyCatalog will now assume that all of the rows spanned by the merge belong to the same record in the data.