Registering the InDesign Server version of EasyCatalog

All versions

To register a license, call the register method on the easycatalogObject:

InDesign Server 2020 or later, or for serial numbers ending ‘-0000’:

EasyCatalog will now check with our activation server to ensure that the license can be installed. For the majority of users, activation will be automatic.  For users with a firewall or proxy server installed,  ensure the machine can connect to, port 443.  Where this is not possible, use the following script call to generate a file for offline activation:

The file that is generated from the above script call should then be submitted to our activation server using a browser that has internet access on this page.  If you do not have access to our activation server via a web browser, please email the file to and we will activate it for you.

If successful, you will receive an activated ‘.elic’ file that you should import into EasyCatalog for InDesign Server using the following call:

CC 2019 and earlier

Please ensure that the server machine can access ‘’ on ports 80 and 443.  There is no offline activation facility available in earlier versions of EasyCatalog for InDesign Server.

On Windows 64bit versions of Server you’ll need to register a DLL to activate the software. The installer from the link below will install and register the required component: Download Server Registration Component