Running a new version of InDesign?

The serial number you have entered is for EasyCatalog running under a  previous version of Adobe InDesign.  Each time Adobe release a new major version of InDesign, such as CC 2018, CC 2019, etc, your plug-ins will need to be upgraded.

The upgrade will be free of charge if you:

  • have purchased a new license (not an upgrade) in the last twelve months
  • have purchased an upgrade to any Creative Cloud version in the last six months
  • have a valid maintenance plan with us

If any of these apply to you please let us know your EasyCatalog serial numbers and we’ll upgrade them for you.

Otherwise, upgrades can be purchased by visiting our web store here:

At the top of the page is a “Product Category” pop-up, and on there you should see a “Creative Cloud (CC) Upgrades” category which is the one you need.

Alternatively, if you do not wish to upgrade your EasyCatalog you can re-install previous versions of InDesign from the Creative Cloud desktop application and continue using your EasyCatalog license.