How to send your workspace folder

If you have contacted support and we need to recreate your configuration here, we will need your EasyCatalog workspace folder.

The workspace folder contains both a snapshot of the source data and the field options that are applied. NOTE: The workspace folder contains a copy of your data, so please be aware of this before sending it if it contains sensitive information.


Please press the (i) button at the bottom of your EasyCatalog data panel, and you should see a ‘Package’ button on the dialog that appears. If you do not have the ‘Package’ button, please download the latest version.

This works in a similar way to packaging a document: specify where you would like the package created, and EasyCatalog will copy in your EasyCatalog data source folder, a configuration showing how your panels are configured and your pagination library.


The location of the workspace folder is shown in EasyCatalog’s general preferences. From the InDesign application menu (on Macintosh) or the Edit menu (on Windows), select Preferences->EasyCatalog. Press the Reveal button, and inside of the highlighted folder will be a number of sub-folders (one per data source that has been configured).

If we have asked for your workspace folder please zip and send us the appropriate one. If you are unsure of the name of your data source, press the Information (i) button at the bottom of your data panel and the name of your data source will be shown at the top of the dialog that appears.

Note that the workspace folder contains the settings applied in Field Options but not panel grouping and sorting options: to export these, use the ‘Configuration->Export’ menu and send us the file that is created.