Sending a Crash Report

Occasionally, in the event of EasyCatalog crashing, we may ask you to send us a crash dump file.  The dump file contains information showing what EasyCatalog was doing when InDesign crashed and will assist us with the debugging process.


It is vital to create the dump file while the InDesign application is still running, but in its crashed state.  To achieve this, when the “Adobe InDesign has encountered a problem and needs to close” dialog appears, leave this dialog open and:

  1. Right click in the task/start bar at the bottom of the screen
  2. Select “Task Manager
  3. When Task Manager appears, navigate to the InDesign application. There will be a number of sub-processes, so open the InDesign application and scroll down to the non-responsive “Adobe InDesign” application.  Right click and use the “Create Dump File” menu option.
  4. The file takes a few seconds to generate.  Once complete, another dialog will appear where you can show the location of the dump file.
  5. The file will be large, so please use a service such as DropBox, HighTail, etc to send it.  We can provide a DropBox link to upload the file to if required.

You can now close the InDesign application from the crash dialog using the “Don’t send” option.


Crash logs are automatically collected and are available from the ‘Console’ application.

  1. Launch the ‘’ application.  Typically this is in your Applications:Utilities folder.
  2. On the left of the dialog that appears, under ‘Diagnostic and Usage Information’ should be a ‘User Diagnostic Reports’ folder.
  3. Inside of the ‘User Diagnostic Reports’ folder is a series of ‘.crash’ files. The name of the application that crashed and – importantly – the date and time of the crash will be shown in the filename of the crash file. Please ensure that the crash file you’re sending to us was written when your issue occurred.
  4. Select the crash file you would like to send to us
  5. Use the ‘File > Save a Copy As’ menu option to export the crash file
  6. Please email this file to us with a description of what you were doing when the issue occurred.