Setting up a document for Guide Based Pagination

To use Guide Based Pagination guides must be created so that EasyCatalog knows where to paginate the items. EasyCatalog will detect where to place the first item by looking for a Guide Intersection, this is where a horizontal guide meets a vertical guide (see image below).

EasyCatalog Pagination Module - guide intersection

This is what a three column layout that paginates Down and Across would look like in terms of guide placement, when the pagination reaches the bottom of a column it will then search for the next guide intersection to place the next library item.

EasyCatalog Pagination Module - three column layout guide

When paginating Across and Down a simple grid can be created if the product styles depth does not vary when populated, however if the product styles vary in depth create a layout like shown in the image below. When using a guide layout like this it will reduce the amount of space left between items when using ‘Use next position if item doesn’t fit’ in the ‘Paginate…’ dialog.

EasyCatalog Pagination Module - paginating across and down