Setting up EasyCatalog to use an ODBC data source

The ODBC Data Provider is required for this article

Setting up EasyCatalog to use an ODBC Data Source is a straight forward process aslong as the data source has been configured correctly in the ODBC Administrator/ODBC Data Sources application.

To create a new ODBC Data Source in EasyCatalog navigate to ‘New > EasyCatalog Panel > New ODBC Data Source’. This will open the dialog shown in the screenshot below.
Error 7 - EasyCatalog ODBC Data Provider

Enter a name for the data source in the ‘Name:” field and select the data source that the connection is being made to from the drop down list.
Error 8 - EasyCatalog ODBC Data Provider

EasyCatalog will automatically alter the ‘DSN=‘ to the data source that was selected in the drop down list. However in order for EasyCatalog to connect, a username and password must be specified. This is done by adding ‘UID=USER;PWD=PASS;’ to the connection string. Alter USER/PASS with the details appropriate to the host. The ‘Tables…’ button if supported by your driver, will show a list of the tables in that data source.
Error 9 - EasyCatalog ODBC Data Provider

The statement now needs to be modified to select from the correct table (if unsure of which table to use, the available tables are shown by selecting the ‘Tables…’ button), in this case the table is called ‘MyFileMakerDatabase’. The encoding should be set to the same encoding as the ODBC driver. Press ‘Execute’ to execute the query, if the query has been successful it will show fields and some data in the ‘Sample’ area.
Error 10 - EasyCatalog ODBC Data Provider

Finally before creating the data view a Key field must be set, sometimes EasyCatalog will detect this automatically depending upon the data. A key field has a unique value for each record allowing for each individual records to be properly identified.