Specifying Defaults for the EasyCatalog Workspace Folder

Specifying defaults for the Workspace folder location

The default location for your EasyCatalog workspace folder can be specified creating a preference file in your preferences folder, which on the Mac can be found at:

on Windows it can be found at (although it depends on the version of Windows):

The file should be created using a text editor (such as Notepad or TextEdit) and saves as text (not formatted, such as RTF). If the ’65bit Software’ folder doesn’t exist it should also be created.

The contents of the file is structured as XML, in the following format:

DefaultWorkspaceFolder and MultiUserWorkspace will only be used when the user has reset their InDesign preferences, and the values shown here will be used in preference to the EasyCatalog defaults. LockWorkspacePreferences disables the ‘Choose’ button and ‘Multiple Users Share This Workspace’ option in the EasyCatalog preferences panel. PrintFieldMarkers when set to true will enable the printing of field markers.

First available: build 14193