The Enhanced HTML Parser

The enhanced HTML parser cleanses the field HTML prior to processing. Any unbalanced are corrected and the entire field is enclosed with an implied <body> node. As a general rule any tag which matches the name of character or paragraph style will apply that style.

Recognized Tags

Specific tags and their attributes are recognised:

font face Font name
size Font size
color Swatch name
p shade Paragraph shade
align left,right,center,justify
style Paragraph style name
a href URL
img src Filename or full path to an image
url URL
swatch Swatch name
width Value in points or string with unit of measure
height Value in points or string with unit of measure
style Object style name

Where the name of a tag matches the name of a Formatting Rule, then a singleton instance of this tag will insert the formatting rule into the text. so <fr> would insert a formatting rule called fr into the text.

Allow All White Space

By default HTML whitespace rules are obeyed. Enabling this option will prevent removal of any whitespace.