The “ENV” Custom Field Command

The “ENV” custom field command can be used to determine environmental properties of EasyCatalog, such as the version of InDesign that’s running or the platform (Mac/Windows) that EasyCatalog is running on.

The “ENV” command takes a single parameter, which the name of the attribute you would like to retrieve:

dateThe current date in dd/mm/yyy format
versionEasyCatalog version number
buildnoEasyCatalog build number
usernameThe currently logged-in user name
platformMacintosh or “Windows”
osversionOperating System version number in nn.nn format
decimalptSystem’s decimal separator character
thousandssepSystem’s thousands separator character
datasourcenameThe name of the data source this custom field belongs to
applicationname“InDesign”, “InCopy” or “InDesign Server”
workspacefolderWorkspace folder location
applicationversionInDesign/InCopy/InDesign Server version number
datasourcespecifierThe “data source specifier”. The value of this depends on the type of data source being used. If it’s ODBC, for example, it would be the connection string.
datasourcelastsynctimeThe date/time the data source was last synchronized. This will be a string, in the same format as displayed on the (i) information dialog.