Unable to write to the workspace folder

The EasyCatalog workspace folder is a folder on the computer that stores EasyCatalog’s configuration settings and a local copy of the data that has been imported. When EasyCatalog boots for the first time, it defaults the location of this folder to be inside the ‘My Documents’ folder (on Windows) or the ‘Documents’ folder inside the home folder (on Macintosh).

This error message is indicating that EasyCatalog cannot write to this folder, possibly caused by a permissions problem. Perhaps the best thing to do would be to create a new (empty) folder somewhere locally on the computer and then go into ‘Edit->Preferences->EasyCatalog’ and use the ‘Choose’ button at the top of the dialog to select the folder that has just been created.

Nothing should be copied into the workspace folder manually — another common cause of this error is users copying data files into the workspace folder manually, which prevents EasyCatalog from storing its data.
Error writing data source