Upgrading to InDesign 2024


InDesign 2024 is a major new version of InDesign and so an upgrade fee may apply for EasyCatalog.

The upgrade will be free of charge if you:

  • have purchased a new license (not an upgrade) in the last twelve months
  • have upgraded EasyCatalog in the last six months
  • have a valid maintenance plan with us

If any of these apply to you, your existing serial numbers should activate the latest version of EasyCatalog.  If you have any problems, please use our support form and we’ll assist further.

Otherwise, upgrades can be purchased by visiting our web store:

Further information on how CC versions of EasyCatalog are licensed can be found here: https://www.65bit.com/docs/easycatalog-and-easycatalog-lite-licensing-faqs/


Upgrading InDesign

In many cases, InDesign upgrades itself automatically.  We would always recommend turning this feature off in the Create Cloud desktop application to prevent this occurring in the middle of your production cycle.

If your InDesign has not upgraded automatically to 2024, use the Creative Cloud desktop application to download and install the update.

NOTE: Do not open and save documents containing EasyCatalog data using InDesign 2024 until you have installed EasyCatalog. 

Upgrading EasyCatalog

Once InDesign has updated, EasyCatalog will not be installed.  Please visit our download page to download and install the 2024 version of EasyCatalog. When EasyCatalog first loads it will attempt to activate using your serial numbers.  If the serial numbers have maintenance remaining on them they should therefore activate automatically.

Your EasyCatalog workspace folder will be compatible with the new version of EasyCatalog, and your data sources should all be available from the bottom part of the File > New > EasyCatalog Panel menu. Note that any panels you have open in your previous version of EasyCatalog will not be opened.  Before upgrading, it’s a good idea to save a panel configuration using the Configurations menu so that this can be imported into your new panel in the upgraded version of InDesign.

Reverting to a previous version

Alternatively, if you do not wish to upgrade your EasyCatalog you can re-install previous versions of InDesign from the Creative Cloud desktop application and continue using your existing EasyCatalog license.