Using ImageLink to download and cache images

EasyCatalog 2024 and later can now integrate with ImageLink to manage the download and caching of images retrieved from a URI.

The main advantage of this is that ImageLink will periodically check — provided the server supports it — whether the image has been updated and flag it as such in the Links and EasyCatalog panel. Images are also downloaded on-demand, rather than having to download all images before commencing pagination.

To configure EasyCatalog to use ImageLink for downloading and caching, select “ImageLink” in the Location pop-up in the image field’s Field Options dialog.

This option will only be available when ImageLink is installed and either running as a trial, or has a valid subscription.  If the ImageLink trial has expired and it is not registered, EasyCatalog will revert to using “URL(Live)” importing.

Server Requirements

For automatic image updating, the server supplying the image needs to provide file date and time modification information and/or file size in its response header.

If this is not available, links will need to be refreshed manually using the Links panel. ImageLink will cache the file using the filename supplied by the “Content-Disposition” header field (if provided).