What’s New In 2020

Here’s a list of the major new features in the 2020 version of EasyCatalog:

  • Live URL Links
    Enables the direct link of URL based images within an InDesign 2020 document. If the original image changes size, the link can be refreshed to ensure the InDesign document includes the latest version. This is available as the URL(Live) option in the field options.
  • Barcode Fields
    A Barcode field type includes support for generating various barcodes. Including EAN13, EAN8, EAN5, Code128, I2of5, UPCA, Code39, DataMatrix.
  • Versions Panel
    Major enhancements to the Versions panel aid the creation of multi-version content using InDesign Layers. Typically for regionalised advertising or promotional material.
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  • Post Processing of Formatting Rules
    Once a Formatting Rule has been populated, it can be processed before final placement. Typical uses would be to position frames relative to one another, position a series of images, or incorporate other Formatting Rules to build a layout.
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  • Resizable Image Previews
    Image preview size can now be configured via a panel setting.
  • Cleansing User Interface
    Field option cleansing pairs can now be configured via a new edit cleansing dialog box.
  • Advanced Preferences
    Various new preferences are available to control specific behaviour of EasyCatalog.
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  • Custom Data Providers
    Enables connections to third party systems.
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  • Scripted Custom Field Type
    A single script can be implemented to batch create custom field content, speeding up the processing of complex logic.
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  • Custom Reports
    Provides a mechanism to inspect data source or document related information and output it in virtually any format.
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  • Custom Relinking
    For documents whose links need fixing, a new Adopt Fields->Custom option allows the relinking of fields via a simple script
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  • Hundreds of Other Bug Fixes and Enhancements
    Consult the release notes for details on hundreds of other enhancements and bug fixes.