What’s New In 2021

Here’s a list of the major new features in the 2021 compared to the 2020 version of EasyCatalog:

  • Combined Data Sources
    Combined Data Sources in EasyCatalog allow you to combine data from separate data sources into a single panel. By specifying a series of simple rules that determine how data from one data source relates to data from another data source, you can quickly build complex data structures without having to write SQL.
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  • Additional Data Sources
    The Enterprise Data Provider now supports the dynamic installation of scripts to connect to third party systems via the “Manage Enterprise Data Providers” menu  option.  As more scripts become available, they will automatically be made available and kept up to date.
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  • Data Preprocessing
    Incoming data can be manipulated via a script which is executed before EasyCatalog attempts to load data from a data source.
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  • Table Filtering
    When setting up templates, tables can be filtered to only display a targeted set of data. This can be accessed via the ‘Filter…’ menu option to data panels Table menu.
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  • Field Preprocessing
    Fields can now be pre-processed before regular formatting is applied. Built in preprocessing engines allow the parsing of JSON field content using either Mustache, Lua or JMESPath.
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  • Improvements To Panel Responsiveness
    Only visible thumbnails get requested from the server.  Changing folders in the folder browser will cancel pending thumbnail requests.
  • Improved Barcode Support
    Added support for GS1-128, EAN14, GS1 Data Matrix barcodes.
  • Advanced Preferences
    Additional Advanced options have been added, such as “Hilight Document Selection” which reflects the selected fields into a document.
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  • Re-ordering of Formatting Rules
    Formatting Rules can now be re-ordered via drag & drop.
  • New Custom Field Commands
    A host of new commands have been added, such as GROUPSNIPPETWIDTH, GROUPSNIPPETDIMENSIONS, SNIPPETDIMENSIONS along with improvements to many existing commands.
  • Enhanced Support for HTML fields
    Several improvements to HTML importing, such as a “clippingpath” attribute to an <img> tag so the “Photoshop” clipping path can be specified.  Now also support a “fitting” attribute “contentaware”.
  • Google Sheets
    Increased number of spreadsheets available for selection to 1000. Spreadsheets are also now sorted alphabetically. Improved support for pre-defined ranges.
  • CMYK colors
    Apply Swatch Named In” now accepts CMYK values in the form cNNNmNNNyNNNkNNN E.g. c100m100y0k0.
  • Enhanced Tabular Fields
    A new “Rebuild From Formatting Rule” option has been added to Table->Table Options. This allows the table to be rebuild using the contents of a Formatting Rule.
  • Bigger Image Previews
    The maximum image preview size from is now 500 x 500.
  • Sorting Fields By Appearance
    Columns can now be sorted by their appearance by right clicking the header and using ‘Sort by Appearance’. In order to do this the appearance code is sorted alphanumercally.
  • Hundreds of Other Bug Fixes and Enhancements
    Consult the release notes for details on hundreds of other enhancements and bug fixes.