What’s New In 2024

Here’s a list of the major new features in the 2024 compared to the 2023 version of EasyCatalog:

Enhancements to Containers

Improved Container stability and functionality, including enhancements like Auto-Fit and the ability to apply named master pages for Container-based pagination. Further information can be found here

Better JSON support

This update also introduces a new JSON Content Type for tabular fields which automatically transforms content into a tabular field.  Additionally, JSONPath is now supported for working with JSON data. New processing commands have been added to support easier processing of JSON data via the Enterprise data provider, a new sample script illustrates how to do this here.

QRCode Improvements

A new option has been added to the Barcode > QRCode field, allowing you to include a hyperlink within the QR code’s frame.

HTML Enhancements

Support for barcodes has been added to the HTML tag, which now also supports image rotation. <br> tags can now be mapped to either hard or soft returns.

ImageLink Integration

EasyCatalog now offers integration with ImageLink for improved HTTP image support.

Improved Scripting Capabilities

Various enhancements have been made to scriptability, including direct access to a default createcontent.lua script via the data source information dialog.

Frame Filtering

Filters can now be applied at a frame level, and a “Filter…” menu option has been added to the Pagination Rules panel for applying filters/subsets to frames. Any data going into the frame is filtered prior to population. Frames with no matching records will be automatically removed.

Enhanced InDesign Server Support

The update includes a scriptable mechanism for monitoring a watch folder to process incoming jobs. Further information can be found here.

Field Appearance Enhancements

Field options now allow you to define a different appearance for column headings and cell content. Additional defaults have been added.

Duplicating Fields

When duplicating a regular field, a custom field will be generated with a default command to copy the content of the original field.

Color Coded Formatting Rules

Color coding simplifies organization and retrieval.

Bug Fixes and General Improvements

For more details on numerous enhancements and bug fixes, please refer to the release notes here.