EasyCatalog for InDesign CC

Following the recent release of InDesign CC, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions regarding EasyCatalog compatability:

I currently own EasyCatalog. Is my current version compatible with InDesign CC?

No, the EasyCatalog plug-ins for previous versions of InDesign are not compatible with InDesign CC. This is caused by changes made by Adobe which mean that the plug-ins need to be converted to run under CC.

I only purchased EasyCatalog recently but would like to upgrade to InDesign CC. Do I need to upgrade my license?

If you purchased a new EasyCatalog license within the last six months then the upgrade will be free of charge.

I have owned EasyCatalog for longer than 6 months. Do I need to upgrade my license?

Yes, upgrades can be purchased from our web store. We only charge for upgrading between versions of InDesign — minor updates are free of charge.

If I purchase EasyCatalog now, can I upgrade to the InDesign CC version later?

Yes – we offer a six month grace period on all new licenses, during which time all new licenses purchased can be upgraded to a later version of InDesign free of charge.

How much will the upgrade cost?

The upgrade cost depends on which version of EasyCatalog you currently own:

EasyCatalog - Upgrading

Software Type Single-Version Upgrade* Multi-Version Upgrade** CC Upgrade***
EasyCatalog InDesign Plug-ins $324.75 $649.50 $259.80
Pagination Module Optional Modules $149.75 $299.50 $119.80
Relational Module Optional Modules $124.74 $249.50 $99.80
Scripting Module Optional Modules $124.74 $249.50 $99.80
XML Data Provider Optional Modules $124.74 $249.50 $99.80
ODBC Data Provider Optional Modules $49.75 $99.50 $39.80

* Single-Version Upgrade: CS6 > CC
** Multi-Version Upgrade: CS5.5/CS5/CS4/CS3/CS2 > CC

What about future updates to InDesign, will I have to upgrade EasyCatalog?

Your EasyCatalog license will be valid for version 9 (the current CC version) of Adobe InDesign, including minor updates that may be released. Once InDesign version 10 is released an upgrade fee for EasyCatalog will then apply.

When will EasyCatalog for InDesign CC be available?

The current CC version of EasyCatalog is now available for download from our downloads page.

Will my existing documents and EasyCatalog data sources work with the latest CC version?

Yes. Your EasyCatalog data sources will be opened by the CC version of EasyCatalog; your InDesign documents and libraries will be converted to the newer format by InDesign itself.

I have a question that has not been answered here. How can I contact you?

Please use our support request form here.

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