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EasyCatalog can be purchased via the webstore or we can invoice you. Credit card transactions are processed instantly, and you will receive a serial number to unlock your software within a couple of minutes.

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I can tell you now that EasyCatalog will have a dramatic effect on my team’s workflow, saving hours on the mundane and freeing them up to do what they want to do – design.

Timothy HillDesigncatsSydney, Australia

Price List

Software Type New License Single-Version Upgrade* Multi-Version Upgrade**
EasyCatalog InDesign Plug-ins $1299.00 $324.75 $649.50
EasyCatalog Lite InDesign Plug-ins $299.00 $74.75 $149.50
EasyCatalog Lite > EasyCatalog InDesign Plug-ins $999.00 N/A N/A
EasyHistory InDesign Plug-ins $9.99 Free Free
Pagination Module Optional Modules $599.00 $149.75 $299.50
Relational Module Optional Modules $499.00 $124.74 $249.50
Scripting Module Optional Modules $499.00 $124.74 $249.50
XML Data Provider Optional Module $499.00 $124.74 $249.50
ODBC Data Provider Optional Module $199.00 $49.75 $99.50

* Single-Version Upgrades:

  • CS6 > CC
  • CS5/CS5.5 > 6
  • CS4 > CS5/CS5.5
  • CS3 > CS4
  • CS2 > CS3

** Multi-Version Upgrades:

  • CS5/CS5.5 > CC
  • CS4 > CS6
  • CS3 > CS6
  • CS3 > CS5/CS5.5
  • CS3 > CS6

Purchase EasyCatalog online via the webstore or request an invoice.

Who uses our software?

All of this happens in real-time. I feel much more secure, knowing my client’s data is finding its way directly to the page layout software without being over-handled and possibly corrupted along the way.
Penny UrionFarago + PartnersNew York