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Thank you for your interest in purchasing from 65bit Software. We can accept payment by Credit Card or if you’d prefer we can invoice you and accept payment by Bank Transfer or cheque. Details of our payment methods are shown below.


Latest pricing information can be found here. All prices are shown in US Dollars – please visit our web store for the current pricing in your currency.

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Our plug-ins are now available from resellers who will be able to provide further information and services. Please see our list of resellers here.

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All credit card transactions are handled by our eCommerce provider, eSellerate. Find out more about the industry-standard security used to process each transaction here.

Pay via credit cardClick here to purchase online via our web store using your credit card or PayPal. Once your order has been securely processed, your serial numbers will be automatically emailed to you in a matter of minutes, allowing you to fully activate your software.

We now also accept payment from your PayPal account.

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We can accept payment by Electronic Funds Transfer or cheque. Please complete this form and we will email an invoice for your order.

Please note that serial numbers will be issued upon receipt of payment which, depending on the banks and countries involved, can take around 3-4 working days to arrive. If your trial period has expired, we can provide you with an extension during this period. Please contact us to see if this is the case.

Who uses our software?

Our catalogue, which was over 750 pages this year, was previously done by hand. Not only does EasyCatalog reduce the risk of human error, but its extensive range of features, shortcuts and multi-purpose applications meant that the production time was more than halved. If you have any database publishing needs, from product catalogues to price lists, you should definitely consider EasyCatalog as a solution. We did, and we’ll never look back.
Adam BeardowHead Graphic DesignerTrilanco LtdUK