I’ve evaluated many, many different (and sometimes very expensive) database publishing solutions, and nothing even comes close to your absolutely stunning software!

Andreas Ley, Palindrom GmbH
Zurich, Switzerland

I can tell you now that EasyCatalog will have a dramatic effect on my team’s workflow, saving hours on the mundane and freeing them up to do what they want to do – design.

Timothy Hill, Designcats
Sydney, Australia

Previously, the production of the TCG catalog took about five months. Today we have that time down to one month. There were a few minor features we needed added and 65bit was extremely responsive in getting those features added quickly and allowing us to test them out right away. It was amazing to get new builds with new features that were so stable!

Josh Hoover, Trek Bicycle Corporation
Wisconsin, US

We didn’t really need to think about the return on investment: it was immediately clear that we would save a lot of time using EasyCatalog.

Marcel Bahnen, Highlite International

You don’t have to be a large institution with a massive IT staff to take advantage of NCDP (Network-Centralized Database Publishing) any more. There is a simple solution to what used to be the daunting task of creating and linking publishing software to complex network databases. Happily all the drudgery is managed via EasyCatalog and controlled effortlessly directly from within InDesign.

Peter Farago, Farago + Partners
New York

All of this happens in real-time. I feel much more secure, knowing my client’s data is finding its way directly to the page layout software without being over-handled and possibly corrupted along the way.

Penny Urion, Farago + Partners
New York

Finished our first project with Easycatalog from @65bitsoftware. Fan-tas-tic! 3 days of work reduced to +/- 30 minutes. Incredible. #design

Jochen Van Coillie, Blits

I’m so unbelievably impressed with the support from @65bitsoftware. Lightning-quick responses and really helpful!

Helen Wright, Paper Dog
London, UK

A Catalog project made with InDesign XML engine +XSL done even faster with @65bitsoftware catalog : No XSLT, easier layout, better updates.

Loic Aigon, Ozalto

Our catalogue, which was over 750 pages this year, was previously done by hand. Not only does EasyCatalog reduce the risk of human error, but its extensive range of features, shortcuts and multi-purpose applications meant that the production time was more than halved.

If you have any database publishing needs, from product catalogues to price lists, you should definitely consider EasyCatalog as a solution. We did, and we’ll never look back.

Adam Beardow, Head Graphic Designer at Trilanco Ltd

Did you ever create a catalog with 200 or more products by hand? And if you are ready – after three days – they tell you to use another order – oh no!

I was so happy to launch Easy Catalog in my company! Thank you, even for the great and fast support!

Tobias Regesch, DELTA MUSIC & Entertainment GmbH & Co. KG

I have said it before and I´ll say it again. You have the best support I have ever encountered.

If there where a Nobel Prize for support, you guys should have a couple of them.

Pär Gorner, IT Manager, SCPGrey
Göteborg, Sweden

I already liked EasyCatalog a lot, but now I love it. It makes my job so much more efficient. I’m a real advocate for EasyCatalog. I would recommend it to everyone.

Ingrid D’Helft, Traffic Coordinator – Design Operations, Philips
Kontich, Belgium

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