Check for errors

Checking for errors

Error Document

When dealing with any amount of data, the potential for errors is enormous – typing mistakes, unintentional removal or addition of text are common problems. Hopefully, the majority can be caught at the proofreading stage – when dealing with large volumes of data, however, this may not always be the case.

As EasyCatalog tracks each field in the document, it can automatically check the document content matches the data from the data source. Any problems are highlighted in both the document, by red field markers, and in the EasyCatalog panel. Errors can be automatically corrected by using the ‘Update Document’ features available within EasyCatalog.

By checking the document for errors with EasyCatalog, there is only a single point of failure where errors can occur – the original source data.


EasyCatalog will also ensure that the correct picture has been imported as part of the ‘Check for Errors’ process – any that are incorrect will also be highlighted in the document and EasyCatalog panel.

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