Update the Document

Updating the Document

When fields have changed in the source data, EasyCatalog intelligently applies the changes to the document. Rather than replacing each field in the document in its entirety, EasyCatalog merges the new content into the existing document content. This helps to preserve any formatting that may have been applied to any of the characters in the field.

Merge beforeHere, the ‘.99’ is in superscript. The field should read ‘£24.00’ – EasyCatalog will merge the changes and only replace the last two characters.

Merge afterOnly the last two characters have been changed, rather than replacing the entire contents of the field that would have resulted in all characters being formatted the same.

Merge wrongThis is how the field would have looked if all characters had been replaced, and illustrates the importance of only applying the differences to the document.

You control what to update

Choose to updateThe entire document, just the fields selected in the document or the fields selected in the EasyCatalog panel can be updated – all by simply selecting a menu option.

Update InDesign books

Update bookInDesign Books can also be updated – EasyCatalog provides a new menu option on the book panel to automatically update all documents in the book. Ideal for large publications that are split across multiple documents, with one click you can now ensure that the document is up-to-date and error free.

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