ODBC Data Provider

Connect directly to your ODBC-compliant database, such as MySQL, SQL Server, FileMaker or Oracle

This link is bi-directional, allowing any changes made to the document to be sent back to the database.

This module is ideal for users whose database is constantly changing, as it removes the need to export your database to a file before importing it into EasyCatalog.

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Pagination Module

Paginate thousands of records at the click of a button

Paginate your records into an InDesign text flow as anchored boxes (or as plain text if you prefer); at positions specified by your data source, such as page number, X and Y position; or create a layout grid using page guides and watch EasyCatalog position your records at the intersections.

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Enterprise Data Provider

Connect EasyCatalog directly to a number of popular systems

With the Enterprise Data Provider module, you can connect EasyCatalog directly to a number of popular systems such as Sales Layer, Adam, Elvis & Salsify. Get up-to-the minute information as often as you need without any complex configuration.

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Relational Module

Work with multiple data sources simultaneously

Combine data from multiple data sources which can then be linked hierarchically in a panel within InDesign. When used in conjunction with the pagination module data of virtually any complexity can be paginated, such as products with multiple sets of attributes.

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Scripting Module

Harness the power of EasyCatalog through Javascript, AppleScript or Visual Basic

Control EasyCatalog through the power of cross-platform Javascript, AppleScript on the Macintosh or Visual Basic on Windows. Ideal for power users or System Integrators who need to integrate EasyCatalog into a workflow, the Scripting Module offers a rich dictionary of commands to control and interrogate EasyCatalog.

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XML Data Provider

Import data into EasyCatalog from an XML file

Using the XML Data Provider module, EasyCatalog is able to import your data directly from an XML file. This link is also bi-directional, so any change made to the data within InDesign can be updated back to the XML.

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