Enterprise Data Provider Module

Enterprise Data Provider Module

Connect EasyCatalog directly to a number of popular systems and get up-to-the minute information as often as you need.

With the Enterprise Data Provider module, you can connect EasyCatalog directly to a number of popular systems such as Sales Layer, Adam, Elvis & Salsify.

Get up-to-the minute information as often as you need without any complex configuration.

Supported Systems

Optimize product information completeness, accuracy, and quality with Akeneo PIM. Scale your omnichannel operations and expand your reach into new markets
Elvis Digital Asset Management software enables businesses to store, index, search, repurpose and distribute digital media content. It enables them to break down silos and enhance workflow through integration with other business systems. Click here for an overview
inriver has everything you need in one fully integrated, multi-tenant SaaS PIM solution. Easy to use, intuitive, and secure – inriver helps you increase sales, streamline product data syndication, and scale. No downtime, no software updates, just better customer experiences, and more revenue.
The Perfion Product Information Management (PIM) system gives you full control of your product data, freeing up your valuable time for core tasks instead of searching for information and managing various systems. All of your product information in one single place, seamlessly pushed to all your publications, apps and websites.

Automate InDesign catalog creation | EasyCatalog | Perfion PIM | Perfion
Automatisierte Katalogerstellung in InDesign | EasyCatalog | Perfion PIM | Perfion
Automatisér produktionen af InDesign-kataloger | Perfion PIM | Perfion
InDesign catalogus creatie automatiseren | EasyCatalog | Perfion PIM | Perfion
Salsify’s cloud-based product content management platform enables brands and retailers to manage, optimize, and syndicate their content, driving discoverability, sales and satisfaction. The Salsify platform is built with scalability and security features that meet the demands of the world’s leading global corporations.
Sales Layer is a product information manager that helps companies to synchronize their catalogues on all sales channels. It empowers them to expand their reach and visibility, ultimately improving their product’s performance.

Need to connect to a different PIM/Asset Management System?

The Enterprise Data Provider can connect to virtually any PIM or Asset Management system using a data provider script written in LUA, a lightweight scripting language. An example script showing how to import an Airtable spreadsheet can be found here.

Purchase this module

The cost to purchase a license for the Enterprise Data Provider Module is listed below.

PLEASE NOTE: This version requires Adobe InDesign 2024 or later. For previous versions of InDesign, please visit our webstore.


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