EasyCatalog users usually see an immediate return on their investment. Pages that would have previously taken an hour to complete can now be constructed in seconds; errors are also reduced saving even more time and money.

EasyCatalog is available with five optional modules, so you only purchase what you need. All prices shown are in US Dollars – for latest pricing in your currency, please visit our web-store.


EasyCatalog can be purchased via the web-store or we can invoice you. Credit card transactions are processed instantly, and you will receive a serial number to unlock your software within a couple of minutes.

I can tell you now that EasyCatalog will have a dramatic effect on my team’s workflow, saving hours on the mundane and freeing them up to do what they want to do – design.

Timothy HillDesigncatsSydney, Australia

EasyCatalog Pricing

Software Type Description Price
EasyCatalog EasyCatalog Ideal for time-critical publications, EasyCatalog can dramatically speed up page make-up time $1299.00
Pagination Module Optional modules Paginate thousands of records at the click of a button. $599.00
ODBC Data Provider Optional modules Connect to any ODBC-compliant database, such as MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, Access or Filemaker. Requires ODBC drivers for your database, which may be available at extra cost. $199.00
Relational Module Optional modules Combine data from multiple data sources and link them hierarchically in a panel within InDesign. $499.00
XML Data Provider Optional modules Import data directly from an XML file into EasyCatalog. $499.00
Scripting Module Optional modules Harness the power of EasyCatalog through Javascript, AppleScript or Visual Basic. $499.00

Purchase EasyCatalog online via the web-store or request an invoice.


An upgrade fee applies to upgrade your license between versions of InDesign. The cost of the upgrade depends on the version of EasyCatalog you’re currently using. All prices shown are in US Dollars – for latest pricing in your currency, please visit our web-store.

EasyCatalog - Upgrading

Software Type Single-Version Upgrade* Multi-Version Upgrade** CC Upgrade***
EasyCatalog InDesign Plug-ins $324.75 $649.50 $259.80
Pagination Module Optional Modules $149.75 $299.50 $119.80
Relational Module Optional Modules $124.74 $249.50 $99.80
Scripting Module Optional Modules $124.74 $249.50 $99.80
XML Data Provider Optional Modules $124.74 $249.50 $99.80
ODBC Data Provider Optional Modules $49.75 $99.50 $39.80

* Single-Version Upgrades:

  • CS6 > CC
  • CS6 > CC 2014
  • CS6 > CC 2015
  • CS6 > CC 2017
  • CS6 > CC 2018
  • CS5/CS5.5 > CS6
  • CS4 > CS5/CS5.5
  • CS3 > CS4
  • CS2 > CS3

** Multi-Version Upgrades:

  • CS3 – CS5.5 > CC
  • CS3 – CS5.5 > CC 2014
  • CS3 – CS5.5 > CC 2015
  • CS3 – CS5.5 > CC 2017
  • CS3 – CS5.5 > CC 2018
  • CS3 – CS4 > CS6

*** CC Upgrades:

  • CC(9.x)  > Any later Creative Cloud Version

Simply visit our downloads page to download the latest version of the plug-ins. Upgrade licenses can be purchased via our secure web-store or bank transfer – please visit our purchase page for more information.

Please note: The issuing of upgrade licenses must be processed manually, and we aim to send all licenses within one working day.

Who uses EasyCatalog?

I already liked EasyCatalog a lot, but now I love it. It makes my job so much more efficient. I’m a real advocate for EasyCatalog. I would recommend it to everyone.
Ingrid D'HelftTraffic Coordinator – Design OperationsPhilipsKontich, Belgium