EasyHistoryTrying to find the ‘History’ panel in InDesign?
It’s here!

EasyHistroy PanelIntroducing the history panel for InDesign – view all of the available undo and redo steps in one convenient palette.

EasyHistory will optionally automatically take snapshots of the current spread when the document is saved.

Trial Version Available

A time-limited demo version of EasyHistory is available for download today, which will run for 15 minutes.

You can download either a Macintosh or Windows version of the plug-in, which is compatible with InDesign CS3 upwards.


CS2, CS3 and CS4 users simply need to drop it into InDesign’s ‘Plug-ins’ folder, and launch InDesign. CS5 users can double click on the ‘.zxp’ file to install the plug-in using Adobe Extensions Manager. Download the EasyHistory User Guide.

Upgrading your InDesign version

Your serial number will work with any version, and no upgrade fee applies. To upgrade, simply download the appropriate version and activate it using your existing serial number.

Contact us if you have any queries.

Who uses our software?

You don’t have to be a large institution with a massive IT staff to take advantage of NCDP (Network-Centralized Database Publishing) any more. There is a simple solution to what used to be the daunting task of creating and linking publishing software to complex network databases. Happily all the drudgery is managed via EasyCatalog and controlled effortlessly directly from within InDesign.
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