Directly link DAM and other online assets from within your InDesign document

If the original asset is modified, refresh the link for the latest version.


ImageLink enables you to directly link DAM and other online assets from within your InDesign document. If the original asset is modified, you can quickly refresh the link to ensure that your InDesign document includes the latest version of the asset.

If the resource is configured to generate FPO renditions, low-resolution renditions are placed in your InDesign document when you link to assets. FPO (for placement only) renditions are lightweight substitutes of the original assets.

Create live links To DAM Assets

Most DAM systems offer online methods of browsing. Dragging an image to a layout creates a live link to the asset. If authentication is needed, the plug-in handles this.

Browse online images and DAM assets

The ImageLink browser panel provides access to online image libraries and DAM systems. Image metadata can also be accessed via this panel.


Does It Support my DAM system?

Please contact your DAM system vendor for information on availability for your system. Currently we support Elvis DAM and our Demo system, designed for the purposes of developing scripts. We are more than happy to talk with your vendor and help them implement a provider script.

DAM Vendors

Adding support is a case of writing a single script to connect your REST API, or similar, to the Plug-in. Details are here. Once connected we add you to the list on online providers for users to install. If you’d like us to write the script for you, no problem! Feel free to contact us and we’ll give you details of what we’d need.

Does it work with EasyCatalog?

Yes, images placed by EasyCatalog can be live linked using the plug-in.

Purchase ImageLink

ImageLink requires an annual subscription, the price of which is listed below.


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